Takashi Yamamiya

A programmer, 1972 born in JAPAN

My main goal is to get programming environment be a medium of human
expression like art and literature. Computers do not only expand
ability of brain, but also reflect what we are. Like painters use
self-portrait to discover their mind, programmers use programs to discover
their thought (Ostranenie - Crossover between Art and Programming).

Our kids in the next generation will write a program to reflect their
ideas as we write journal and poem now. This requires a programming
environment which has strong enough flexibility and consistency. To
the end, I have sought various known programming technique from Object
oriented programming, Functional programming, to Formal methods, etc.

As a Squeak programmer, I have contributed some stuffs like i18n,
low level drivers, graphic design of EToys, "Demon Castle" tutorial.
And I made a couple of goodies includes ODECo, Techo, Skeleton and LanguageGame.
My background is kinetic sculpture and performance.


1996-1998 MA at Sculpture Course Department of Kyoto City University of Arts
1992-1996 Sculpture Course Department of Kyoto City University of Arts


2007- Viewpoints Research Institute
2003-2007 Freelance programmer
2002-2003 Qript One Soft, inc. (software designer)
2000-2002 Forval, Inc. (software designer)
1998-2000 Part-Time lecturer of Kyoto City University Of Arts (Sculpture Course)


2003.01 Takashi Yamamiya
        "LanguageGame - an interactive parser generator"
        Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing 110-117

Research and Exhibitions

2003.11 Appeared on TV, dig TV NHK Osaka

2003.10 Demonstrated on Squeak BOF OOPSLA2003, Anaheim
        "LanguageGame and Skeleton"

2003.05 Demonstrated on IPA Spring 2003, Tokyo

2003.01 Demonstrated on C5, Kyoto

2002.08 Appeared on TV, dig TV NHK Osaka

2002.06 Lecture at ZAC Hall, Kyoto

1999.07 "Eggs of Moebius", group exhibition at O Art Museum in Tokyo

1998.12 "Techno-Therapy", group exhibition Osaka Amenity Park

1998.11 "Arc of Direction" stage design, Barton Hall Kobe

1998.10 "YAMAMIYA TAKASHI's Healthy Laboratory" solo exhibition at KIRIN PLAZA OSAKA

1998.08 "World antenna" gallery OU at Osaka

1998.03 Awarded Sakuya Konohana Prise Osaka City

1997.08 Awarded Grand Prize of KIRIN Contemporary Awards

1997.02 "Fibonacci Engine" solo exhibition at ART SPACE NIJI in Kyoto

1996.03 "The Third Festivity on an Ancient Hill" group exhibition in Kyoto

Old softwares


Skeleton is a tool for making mathematical and physical simulation easy way. This is an extension of Squeak etoy system, and User can operate almost with drag-and-drop. In addition to, user is not only able to make funny interactive contents like what ThingLab shows, but also to verify whether it works well with unit tests.


LanguageGame is a parser generator that has graphical user interface written in Squeak. Though parser generator is a professional tool that is used to develop a programming language. With LanguageGame, I hope that non-professional computer users,students or children will be able to learn the concept of "programming language" and to design their original language.

sculpture and performance

a Minimal Music Machine

2011 wood, copper, string

This is a musical box made of wood. Four bells are copper pipes which were cut and tuned as G, A, C, and D. One of the design goals of it was that the frame was made without any metal like screws or nails, and every parts are connected by stitches with cotton string. Imagine a world where people only know stitches for connecting materials, what kind of machines they would design? Such a condition makes an interesting challenge for its design and shape.

The Wooden Half Adder

2009 wood

A simple boolean calculator made of wood (a blog article / Japanese)

Performance video 1993-1998

Calculating Skeleton

1998 wood, iron, rope

Simple wooden calculator for just single digit addition

Exercising Edison

1998 wood, iron, magnet, electric bulb, performance

Wooden dynamo using human walking power

Health Machine for Back

1998 wood, iron, rope

Healthy Yo-Yo

1998 wood, iron, rope

Health Machine for Hair Growth

1998 wood, iron, rope

Health Machine of Guillotine

1998 wood, iron, rope

Health Machine of Mr. Chaplin

1998 wood, iron, cross tie

Health Machine for A Finger

1998 iron, hide

email: tak at metatoys dot org

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